Budżet partycypacyjny – Warszawa

Budżet Partycypacyjny - Warszawa 2016

The Participatory Budget in the Capital City of Warsaw

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The participatory budget in the Capital City of Warsaw is a process in which all permanent inhabitants of the city take part in deciding about the way public money is spent. It aims at increasing a local awareness and promoting the idea of self-government. Thanks to the participatory budget, Warsaw inhabitants can easily submit their ideas of relevant tasks the local authorities should carry out (i.e. projects) and later choose the best of them in a vote.

The Participatory Budget in the Capital City of Warsaw

Take part in the participatory budget - you can do it even if you do not have a Polish citizenship or a PESEL number! Share your ideas and make Warsaw even a better place.



Before you submit your project or take part in a vote, you have to visit your nearest district hall. The purpose of your visit is to add you to the list of Warsaw inhabitants whose projects and votes will be valid even without indicating a PESEL number.

During your visit to a district hall:

  1. Show your valid travel document (a passport or an ID in case of citizens of Schengen member countries) which enables you to remain within the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  2. Fill in and sign a consent for processing of your personal data (it is not required when submitting a project right after presenting a document mentioned above).

Please note that both projects and voting papers have to be in Polish. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail us (twojbudzet@um.warszawa.pl) or to contact a local coordinator for the participatory budget (click HERE to get necessary contact information).


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